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Night Runners by Geraldo Valerio

Night Runners by Geraldo Valerio

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What seems scary proves surprising in this magical wordless picture book.

Guided by a circle of stars on the horizon, a stag bounds into a thick pine forest. Wolves lurk behind the trees, then begin to run after him. When the stag turns to look at his pursuers, he stumbles over a fallen tree and sinks to the forest floor. The wolves close in … but, unexpectedly, they become the stag’s helpers, bringing water, berries and a bandage! After a short rest, the stag and wolves continue the mysterious journey, still following the stars. They finally reach their destination — a campfire, surrounded by all sorts of animals. The stag reaches into his satchel for a ukulele, and a joyful evening of music and dance begins. The musician has arrived just in time for the festivities, along with his back-up singers — the pack of howling wolves!

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