**We were previously know as the Lode Store. Our storefront at 104 Cedarvale Avenue will be shut down as of June 1st, 2022 to give us time and space to focus on our new expanded business.**

Shipping, Delivery & Pickups


For all items purchased in our secondhand shop, we offer weekly delivery across Toronto, free for orders over $20. Please select "Local Delivery" at checkout.

Our fulfillment system automatically groups all of your orders from the week together into one package for delivery, so multiple checkouts are encouraged! In order to have your order delivered that week, the deadline is for Tuesday/Wednesday.

We also have a pickup option on the porch at 62 McGee Street (Logan/Queen). There is a porch box where your packages will be waiting and ready once you receive an email. If you have any issues, please text us at the number provided or ring the doorbell.

For all subscription items, they are delivered between 15th-18th of the month that you have signed up. For all virtual services, we will discuss timeline for services based on your preferences.

If your order is under $20, we automatically hold on to it at our warehouse until you make another order to reach $20 or get in touch with us to pay for shipping ($3.99). Our delivery service goes out on Thursdays and Fridays between 9am-9pm so your order might be delivered during any of those times. Once delivered, you will receive a Shopify message/email as well as a text message to confirm. Once it is left on your porch and we have contacted you, we are no longer responsible for that order. Please note that for apartment buildings and condos, we only deliver to the lobby and not upstairs to your unit. If you want us to hold your order or have any other instructions, please write this down in the notes at checkout.

Outside Toronto

 We offer delivery across Canada that can be applied both to products and subscriptions. In Ontario (including the GTA outside of Toronto), delivery is free over $80, and an $14 flat fee for orders $0-$79.99. In the rest of Canada, delivery is free over $100, and an $18 flat fee for orders $0-$99.99. We use Canada Post for all deliveries and provide you with a tracking number upon shipment. 

If you want us to hold your items until you reach the free delivery minimum, please type "HOLD" as a discount code at checkout and it will remove the delivery fee for you. 

You are welcome to book virtual services with us as well. Please note differences in time zones. We will discuss timeline for services based on your preferences.


Products & Packaging


Our packaging doesn't always look "pretty" and that's on purpose. We use only secondhand packaging that has been donated to us by neighbours, friends and customers. We are proud of the fact that we keep items out of landfill this way. Our tags are 100% recycled and 100% recyclable, and we use recyclable tape as well. 

We are always accepting used poly mailers and small paper bags by donation. Please drop off to the porch at 62 McGee Street if you would like to donate.

Issues with Products

Unfortunately, all of our items are final sale only. This includes possibly receiving something in a subscription box that you already have at home. We encourage you to pass it on to someone else in your community either through a buy and sell group or as a freebie. 

Generally speaking, we have a long and involved process to assess the quality of each item that passes through our secondhand shop.  This means that there are no stains or rips, no pilling or discoloration. In some cases, we will also launder or steam things if needed. If there is a slight issue (like pilling or a stain), we mention it in the description and price our products as such. However, if you truly find an issue with the product, please email us at canopykidsworld@gmail.com and we will do our best to rectify it.


Because we are a second-hand store that buys items from local community members, we cannot verify if our items are allergen-free or not. For our part, we don't allow pets or food inside the warehouse. However, we cannot confirm whether pets or food have touched the items prior to getting here. For this reason, we ask you to wash everything before wearing it or using it for the first time. 



What to Expect

All of our virtual and in-person services begin with a 20-minute consultation with you. Please be prepared to make time for this if you book with us. In this consultation, we get to learn about what exactly you need, what some of your hopes and fears are, and how truly we can help you so it is the most important part of our service. 

For both our virtual and in-person services, we offer you a detailed plan of what we hope to do before we actually go ahead and do anything. For our virtual service, this is usually an email with some options. For our in-person service, this is a verbal conversation detailing our plans. In all cases, you are welcome to refuse or change some part of these plans. However, once you have approved our plan, we appreciate your support of us as we follow through with it. If you decline our plan, note that it still counts towards your time used with us. 

We like to directly book/purchase things for you to make life easier, but we will need your credit card information in order to be able to do this. Please note that we will never use your card for anything other than what is agreed upon and budgeted for in our plans. However - we are also fine with leaving you with a plan only for you to do the purchasing portion yourself.

Overall, we strive to truly meet your needs, but there may be things beyond our control (e.g. vendor not available, weather, COVID, etc.) so please be understanding of the nature of the work that we do.

If there are any issues with your service, please contact us by email (not phone) at canopykidsworld@gmail.com for the best outcome.



We occasionally have opportunities for collaborations with vendors, such as including samples in our subscription boxes, selling your products in our online shop, or including you as part of community events and pop-ups. We only accept vendors on an as-needed basis, and when our values feel mutually aligned. In general, we are looking to collaborate with businesses that are significantly different from our own.

If you are interested in collaboration opportunities, please contact us at canopykidsworld@gmail.com with the subject line "Collaboration"


We occasionally have opportunities for collaboration with influencers, particularly those with young kids, based locally (Toronto and surrounding area), and with a follower base of at least 10,000 or more on Instagram. If you are interested, please contact us at canopykidsworld@gmail.com with the subject line "Influencer"

Contact Us

For any other inquiries, please get in touch with us at canopykidsworld@gmail.com