About Us

Hi, I'm Nyla Obaid, owner of Canopy Kids. My partner & I live in Leslieville, just east of downtown Toronto, with our 3 young kids, 2 cats, 5 backyard hens, and a whole lot of shop inventory. After about ten years in the corporate and academic worlds, I started a kids' secondhand shop in 2020  the Lode Store  focused on offering kids great clothing, at great prices, and with great service (including free deliveries, which felt really important during the pandemic). 
Building on the tremendous growth and success of the Lode Store, we rebranded as Canopy Kids as of May 2022 in order to be able to do more. We continue to offer the same secondhand shop service (which has now grown to hundreds of packages each week), but we now also add value to other parts of your lives with our kids' subscriptions and kids-focused services.
My goal has been the same from the first day I became an entrepreneur: to provide truly thoughtful services and live by my own values. I only sell the kinds of products and services that I would purchase for my own family. More importantly, I am conscious and deliberate in every business decision I make. In my personal life, I am learning how to decolonize my thinking, and how to be actively anti-racist and anti-oppressive. Our small business aims to abide by the same principles - and we are constantly evolving in service to this. For me, the most important part of our work is the initiatives we participate in to lift up our communities.
My favorite part of this job is that I can truly bring my whole self with me everyday. It feels more authentic than any job that I've ever had before. There are so many examples... My little boy loves dresses, and so I decided on day 1 that nothing in our shop would be gendered. I struggled to find Eid clothes for my kids, so I added an ethnic section to our shop (with all proceeds donated!). 
All this said, we are still a 1.5 person operation - so please be kind and patient with us.