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STARTING IN MAY 2024- We buy your seasonally appropriate clothes, shoes, and toys each month from the 1st-10th of the month on a drop-in basis at 946 Queen Street East from 11am-5pm

Selling Process

  • Inspect and clean everything
  • Fold all your items and put in a box or bag
  • Label ALL your boxes/bags with your name and cell #
  • Drop off to us during open hours (11am-6pm) at 946 Queen Street East from the 1st-10th of the month
  • We will get in touch with you via text message within 1-2 weeks about your payout (20%-30% of the resell price)
  • You can choose to pick up leftovers by the end of the month or it will be automatically donated to New Circles or a textile recycling facility depending on the condition of the items. To pick up, please drop by our shop at 946 Queen St East between 11am-5pm any day and ask for your items by name after you have heard from us.

Payouts and Curation

We will send you a text message with the total payout of all the items combined we have selected to purchase. Due to the volume of items we receive, unfortunately, we are not able to give you itemized receipts. 

We pay between 20-30% of the resell price (less taxes, with some allowance for upcoming sales) of each item we purchase. The payout is an approximation, and in addition to taking into account the brand and condition of the items, there are a lot more factors that go into it such as how fast it will resell, demands for certain sizes, seasonality and more.

By dropping off your items to us, you are automatically agreeing to accept the payout that we have offered. By the point we offer you a payout, your items have already been added to other pieces and cannot be picked up separately anymore. 

Payouts are sent by etransfer and we will ask you for an email address in your text message.

If you box is not labelled with your name and cellphone number, we will not be offering any payout for it as we cannot easily get in touch with you.

We are highly selective about what we purchase, and have a very high volume of resellers. As a result, we can only buy items that are seasonally appropriate, that we don't have an oversupply of, and that fit our curated aesthetic. If you drop items off, and we don't buy most or all of it, please note that this is completely normal as we are simply trying to curate the things we can reasonably resell quickly. Specifically, we are very very picky about purchasing items in the 0-24 month age range and from brands like Carters, OshKosh, Walmart and Costco brands, as there is an oversupply. Thank you for your understanding. 

Buying (May 2024)

During the month of May, we are ONLY looking for SUMMER ITEMS.

We are currently not buying the following brands: Carters, OshKosh, Joe Fresh, George or any other Wal-Mart brands.

- Summer clothing (tees, tanktops, shorts, dresses, sandals, sunhats) in 0 months to 10 years old. 

- Summer items sizes 0 months to 10 years old. We are currently not buying anything older than 10 years old.

- High quality wooden toys and diverse books



*Please note that we do ever not buy underwear, socks, maternity, baby gear. 



We take donations of all-season clothes, shoes, and toys each month from the 11th-31st. 

To donate to us:

  • Put all your items in a box and label it “donation”
  • Drop off to us during open hours from the 11th-31st of the month
  • We will re-donate or recycle at a textile facility what we cannot take