Our gently used items are thoughtfully curated, environmentally sustainable, and affordable. We donate a portion of revenues from every sale.

Canopy Kids is a secondhand shop for kids newborn to 14 years old!


Our products and services are thoughtfully curated for your families. Our entire business model is built to be environmentally sustainable- we carry mainly secondhand products, offer families opportunities to resell to us, and cut down on waste as much as possible. We lead mutual aid initiatives, donations, and clothing drives in service to our communities. We also offer innovative subscriptions and services to make help your families thrive!

  • Canopy Cares

    We believe in the importance of supporting the communities that we live and work with. We regularly send free clothing and supplies to families, and provide free services when needed. We donate 15% of revenues to anti-oppression orgnaizations. We host biannual clothing drives. We amplify worthy causes. If you need any kind of family or children related assistance, please get in touch.