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Abby the Anteater by fynn sor

Abby the Anteater by fynn sor

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Abby the Anteater is upset that her mother eats more ants than her.

She quickly learns a painful lesson when she rushes for an extra serving.

Follow the anteaters' eventful day at the grassland and learn to skip count by five and ten.

Read fun facts about giant anteaters!

Jump start your child's advancement in numeracy with the Happy Learning Math series. Your child will delight in the fun stories about animals and encounter Math concepts, such as ordinal numbers, counting, skip counting, addition, subtraction and more.

Materials for interactive play and links to printables are also included, turning each book into a hands-on experiential learning tool. Fun Science facts are also weaved into each story to spark your child's curiosity about the world.

This book comes with bonus fun and interactive elements to reinforce your child's learning of Math concepts!

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