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Virtual Service: Meal Planning (3 hours)

Virtual Service: Meal Planning (3 hours)

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Wishing you didn't have to come up with dinner ideas daily, that you never forgot to buy snacks, and that mealtimes ran more smoothly? You can have that!

In this package, we will create a monthly meal plan for you based on the nutritional and lifestyle goals of your family. This service includes, but is not limited to:

  • Researching and creating 2-3 different weekly meal plans
  • Creating grocery lists for each meal plan
  • Ordering timed grocery deliveries on your behalf if you like
  • Researching a registered nutritionist or dietitian based on your needs.
  • Providing you with resources to meet cooking and nutritional goals.
  • Anything else that would help you

All virtual services begin with a 20 minute phone call to understand your needs and preferences. Please select a good time for this below. From there, we make a plan and share it with you via email before finalizing actions.

Note that the quoted time and price is for an average assistance session. You may be asked to buy more time if services are more involved than usual. 

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