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The End by John Bray

The End by John Bray

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Start with THE END in mind with this playful and whimsical picture book that explores conclusions, transitions, and new beginnings – and how to have fun in the middle. This is THE END of endings as you know them.  

Endings can be hard, whether it’s the end of school or changes to daily routines and activities. With humor, heart, and a sense of childlike wonder, author John Bray reminds us that endings both big and small can be the start of something new and different. “THE END of one thing is the beginning of something else. And the beginning of one thing is THE END of something else. And that’s okay.”  

At once silly and smart, The End encourages kids to navigate beginnings, middles, and ends with curiosity and imagination. Perfect for fans of B.J. Novak’s The Book With No Pictures, this picture book is bound to entertain young readers who love to ask questions, read funny stories, build blanket forts, and complicate the passage of time. With vibrant illustrations by artist Josh Cleland, The End is just the beginning of a re-read!

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