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Hello World- Greetings in 42 Languages by Manya Stojic

Hello World- Greetings in 42 Languages by Manya Stojic

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Gently used. Softcover.

Good for ages 2-6.

Take a trip around the world and learn to say "hello" in 42 different languages! This book features vibrant paintings of children from across the globe, simple translations, and pronounciation keys!

Bonjour! Hola! Konnichiwa! Learn how to say "hello" in French, Spanish, Japanese---and many more languages! Children from all around the world say "hello" each in their own languages, each and every day. Each page includes a greeting translated in a different language with easy-to-pronounce phonetic spellings.

Manya Stojic's stunning paintings authentically represent diverse children. Young readers will gain an appreciation of languages and cultures beyond their own.

This special book captures the essence of culture and tradition with each warm greeting. Try out all 42 languages!

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