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Grandma's Animal Stories by Daniela De Luca

Grandma's Animal Stories by Daniela De Luca

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Hardcover. Gently used.

Ages 4-8

These charmingly illustrated stories follow eight animal babies on wondrous adventures as they learn about friendship, loyalty, the birth of a sibling, adoption, families, and much more. Each story follows a typical animal from one region of the world and introduces many other animals that share the same environment. The main characters are based on real animals, but the stories are imaginary. As children read their adventures, they will find information boxes and fun facts telling them all about real animals lives. In the stories young readers meet a polar bear from the Arctic region, a beaver from North America, a wolf from Europe, a tiger from the Asian country of India, an anteater from South America, an elephant from Africa, a kangaroo from the Australian bush, and a penguin from frozen Antarctica. The maps show where these continents are in the world.

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